The administrative capital of Egypt. Details of the upcoming event in a month

receives the new administrative capital in Egypt, east of Cairo, An important event in next June and July, It is the transfer of the headquarters of government agencies

ministries and their employees. Which means the starting signal for the declaration of the “new republic”, according to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

According to the statements of Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Administrative Capital Company, to “Sky News Arabia”, The state’s plan to move the ministries’ headquarters from Cairo to the new capital is underway.

Abdeen added that “the transfer of the headquarters of these bodies and ministries will be gradual during the months of June and July 2021.”

To reach this time safely, The official says that work in the new administrative capital does not stop around the clock in order to complete the infrastructure, And all the services required by the ministries and authorities before the actual transfer.

He stressed that “all this will be accomplished at the highest level. With world-class engineering and technical techniques.

Good news for the employees

This date brings good news for some employees who are moving to the Administrative Capital with their bodies. It is that the government will facilitate for those who wish to obtain an apartment in installments near it to shorten the time of their arrival to the workplace.

The employee will get an apartment with a simple down payment of only 112,000 pounds ($7139). The state pays for him a large part of the price of the apartment, amounting to 4,000 pounds (255 dollars) as a monthly installment.

Apartments will be available in Badr City. One of the new cities near the new administrative capital, According to Major General Abdeen.

But he pointed out that “obtaining an apartment at this price will be available only to employees and workers who move to work from the New Administrative Capital, As for those who remain to work in Cairo in accordance with the work rules in the authorities and the Ministry, They will not be able to obtain this residence specified by the state.”


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