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Project Description

The Galala Plateau development project is one of the giant national development projects initiated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The implementation of the project is supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces with the assistance of the civil sector. The project includes Galala International City, King Salman University and a tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez. In addition to the Ain Sukhna-Zaafarana road, that cleaves the mountain of majesty.

El Galala City is one of the largest Egyptian development projects. As it is one of the most attractive areas for domestic and foreign tourism, This is due to the city’s high level above sea level, which gives it a climatic advantage represented by a temperature drop of 10 degrees compared to its neighboring areas. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Indeed, El Galala City has attracted investments worth more than $100 million in the past two years. The investment map launched by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation was divided into: Galala city into 3 sectors: a B C, That sector (A) will be built on 5550 acres, And 2050 acres for sector (B) and 6900 acres for sector (C).

operating companies
There are 53 national civilian companies working on the project next to the battalions of the Military Engineers Corps. Including 40 Egyptian companies in the field of roads and 5 in the field of construction and industrial works, bridges, tunnels, culverts, gas stations and toll gates. In addition to 8 companies operating in the Ras Abu Al-Daraj area in the tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez, With a total number of workers up to 15,000 workers, technicians and engineers, Under the supervision and follow-up of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.

his choice
The Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces chose the location of Mount Galala because of its geographical distinction, which allows construction, agriculture, the establishment of tourist resorts, roads and its view of the Red Sea coast. And its richness with many natural resources that achieve development for Egypt, Where is the marble ore, He will help the road that will be built in the mountain, On the ease of transporting those raw materials for their manufacture.

Project axes
Galala International City

The Galala International City is located on the Galala plateau, which is located between Ain Sukhna and Zaafarana, at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. With an area of 17 thousand acres. The city is complete with facilities and services at the highest level and contains an international medical city, And the first Olympic village to hold sporting events for the country, And tourist residential areas and others for low-income in agreement with the Ministry of Housing, as well as service areas for city residents. The city’s high altitude gives a climatic advantage of 10 degrees lower than sea level.

El Galala Tourist Resort
El Galala Tourist Resort is located on the shore of the Gulf of Suez in the “Ras Abu El Darg” area, on an area of 1,000 acres. The resort includes two hotels, one mountainous and the other coastal. The mountain includes 300 rooms and 40 chalets. While the coastal area includes 300 rooms and 60 chalets. In addition to rooms and suites of different levels and a sophisticated mall, it will be linked by a 17 km long road and a 6 km long cable car designed and supervised by a French company. It is implemented by an Egyptian company, In addition to a water park and a yacht marina implemented by major international companies. The tourist resort project has been started since October 2015.

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University is built on an area of 100 acres to operate according to the latest scientific systems and modern methods, provided that it includes advanced colleges that the Egyptian community needs in non-typical disciplines. It is not available in regular universities. Like colleges for modern agriculture, and solar and wind energy generation technology, mining colleges, In addition to the Faculty of Medicine.

Galala University for Science and Technology
It is located on the project land and includes 15 colleges in various disciplines, engineering, administration science, pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries, science academy, Food and Food Industry, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Media, Medicine, oral and dental medicine, physical therapy, nursing, allied medical sciences, College of Science, architecture, In addition to an international conference center and housing for students and faculty members.

Ain Sukhna – Zafarana Road
The Ain Sukhna – Zaafarana road is considered one of the most difficult engineering construction tasks, This is due to the ruggedness of the mountainous region with huge rock masses on which the project is being built. The completion of the project necessitated carrying out blasting and destruction works that are carried out to block the road through special equipment that was planted in the middle of the mountains. Where great heights of up to 230 meters are blown up, The equivalent of a 70 or 80 storey building. The blasting operations are carried out with the highest standards of accuracy and safety, taking into account not to affect the geological environment. The blasted rocks are utilized in the backfilling works to complete the construction of the road body.

The road is designed to be two-way with 3 traffic lanes in each direction. It starts from the South Port Said area until the 92nd kilometer, Ismailia Desert Road, and crosses the Suez and Ain Sukhna Roads in the Wadi Hajoul area. It heads south until it reaches km 10 in the Beni Suef Governorate at the Beni Suef-Zafarana road. It is planned to complete the road from the south until it reaches West Hurghada and West Safaga, then “Abu Ramad”, Halayeb and Shalateen, up to the “Perforket” area on the international border with Sudan at latitude 22. The length of the road is 82 km. In addition to a number of links with the coastal road, Such as the link to the “Ras Abu Al-Daraj” area with a length of 17 kilometers, It is the area where the tourist resort is located on Mount Galala. In addition to a pressing valley link, which is 13 km long, To connect the coastal road and the main road.

The new road avoids all the disadvantages of the current Sukhna-Zafarana road on the one-lane coastal road, Which is planned to be closed after the opening of the new road and transformed into an internal road between the tourist villages. Due to the many accidents on it, In the middle of the new road there is a concrete casting to protect vehicular vehicles from falling on either side of the mountain road. The road was built with a slope of 4% so that the speed limit on it is 120 km/h so that motorists do not feel any obstacles, difficulty or hardship as a result of the high road that passes between the mountains. In addition to the presence of steering and obstruction dams and torrents on both sides of the road to transfer the excess torrent water from the direction of the mountain to the sea, In addition, drains and culverts were built to benefit from the flood waters in industrial and agricultural projects.

The road connects with the June 30 axis to facilitate trade movement between Egypt and the countries of the African continent. As well as linking agricultural and tourism projects, industrial areas, ports and new residential areas expected to be established in that promising area. The road also passes through the quarries area, which contains all kinds of important raw materials, such as marble, “Kolina”, “Child” and “glass sand”. The road will contribute to supporting the extraction and manufacture of these materials without the need to make bumpy paths or unpaved roads where problems and accidents abound. The road also serves the new industrial area to be established in the Galala plateau. It will also serve the economic zone in the northwest of the Gulf of Suez. Which includes “iron – ceramic – cement – petrochemical” factories, It will also facilitate movement from the south to the port of Ain Sukhna and Zaafarana, Hurghada port and Safaga port.

New Industrial Zone
– The new industrial zone is erected on the side of the road, Including the establishment of a giant factory for phosphate fertilizers and their derivatives, With a production capacity of one million tons per year, it was planned and designed by the National Service Projects Organization of the Armed Forces. It will have a privileged location and a tunnel under the main road to serve the transport movement and the production process. In addition to designing the plant with modern technologies that reduce gas consumption, Coordination was also made with the Ministry of Electricity to provide the energy needed to operate this giant project through the development of the Ataka power station.
– Developing and maximizing the use of the “quarries” area, which contains all kinds of important stone raw materials, The entire Galala road has a group of marble mountains that produce the world-famous “Galala marble” and are exported. There is also “Kolina” ore, which is used in the cement, clay and glass sand industries.

Seawater desalination
The project includes the construction of a desalination plant with a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters to serve the tourist resort and the international city of Galala, located directly south of the resort. In addition to providing the necessary electricity for the resort.

Exploitation of flood water
The road was designed to take into account the flows of torrents and rains and harness them by exploiting their fresh water by digging lakes at the end of the drains and using the results of the drilling to complete the paving of the new Sukhna-Zafarana road.

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