10 information about the new city of Alamein, most notably: Dubai Towers and Tourist Walk

New Alamein City. It is the first millionaire city on the North Coast. It is one of the fourth generation cities. The city is similar to the new administrative capital in the magnitude of the international projects that will be built on it in the best tourist cities in Egypt. It includes international commercial centers and residential and tourist towers.

It is planned to implement a number of residential units within the city, a chain of hotels, In order to develop the city, And make it more attractive to the population.

“Al-Watan” reviews, in the following lines, the most important information about the new city of El Alamein, In addition to displaying the most important projects that are being held within it.

15 information about the most prominent projects of the new city of Alamein:

1- The New El Alamein City project is an opportunity to overcome the overpopulation in Egypt, By taking advantage of the North Coast as a residential destination, as well as attracting tourism throughout the year.

2- The area of the city is about 48 thousand, acres with a depth of more than 60 km south of the coastal strip, The city is planned to accommodate more than 3 million people.

3- The new city of El Alamein is located within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh Governorate, with a length of 48 km from the international road (Alexandria – Matrouh).

4- The site of the new city of El Alamein is distinguished by its distinctive view of the Red Sea, with a distance of 14 km.

5- The city is divided into a tourist, historical and residential segment. The first tourist investment segment is located on the Mediterranean coast. And the second investment tranche south of Alex-Matrouh International Road, The third segment is the historical and archaeological area of El Alamein Cemetery.

6- The city of El Alamein is unique in that it contains the latest technological and urban projects that are unparalleled in the Middle East, as follows:

– The first drinking water production plant with condensation technology, with a production capacity of 100,000 liters of water per day.

Tourist and residential skyscrapers represented in the New Alamein Towers projects.

Paving the coastal road starting from Sidi Abdel Rahman to Wadi El Natroun.

The tourist walkway is 18 km long.

Orascolia wastewater and desalination plant.

– The wave barriers project with 18 barriers.

– A project to plant crops such as palms, olives and pomegranates.

7- The city includes a residential sector in the new city of El Alamein that contains about 10,000 housing units.

8- The coastal sector consists of: Hotels District – City Center – Distinguished Residential District – Conference Center – Al Alamein Gardens District – Fanara Marina – Entertainment District – Private Resort – Cultural Center – Tourist Housing – Masaken Al Buhaira District – Fairgrounds.

– An archaeological area consisting of: an open museum – an international park – a recreational area – hotels – port services. An urban sector consisting of: a university – a regional service center. An international tourist center with a construction rate of 20%. And separate platforms overlooking the sea.

9- The city includes towers on each platform, reaching a height of 35 meters. The towers consist of 3 commercial and administrative floors and a basement garage next to the residential units.

10- The city’s hotel towers will match the “Dubai Towers”, Celebrations will be held on occasions.

11- The city has an international corniche along the beach.

12- The area of hotels in the city is 296 acres.

13- The city contains an international medical center with an area of 44 acres.

14- The city has an international conference center equipped to receive European conferences.

15- The value of the investments in the city, Tens of billions. The length of the beach in the city is 14 km.

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